Building web3 apps for epic founders

Investing, building together with the most iconic web3 teams and projects since 2017. No fluff, just results.

Turning web3 buzz into impactful products

In the space since 2017, we’ve been working with leading web3 teams and projects worldwide. Together, we built communities and web3 apps that have not only disrupted traditional systems but also empowered users with more control and transparency. Our collaborations have resulted in products that truly embody the ethos of decentralization, fostering a culture of innovation and collective growth in the web3 space.

web3 services for epic founders

We’ve got a global network of like-minded partners. Together, we’re all about helping web3 founders build epic communities and apps. We do this by offering a full suite of services.

web3 product ideation & design

Transforming web3 concepts into tangible product designs is our forte. We work with you to refine your ideas, creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces that resonate with your target audience. Your vision, coupled with our expertise, will result in a product that stands out in the web3 space.

Smart contract & app development

Our team of web3 experts turns ideas and designs into functional web3 applications. We write secure, efficient smart contracts, ready to be audited by top-tier auditors. Combined with a robust and scalable infrastructure, we set a solid foundation for your web3 venture.

Launching & community-building

Launching your web3 app is just the beginning. We assist in cultivating a robust community around your product, driving user engagement and loyalty. With our help, your web3 venture will not be just another app, but an evergrowing ecosystem.

Still thinking? Book a free casual web3 brainstorm session

If you’re still exploring or need a sounding board, let’s chat. We’ll discuss the latest web3 trends, brainstorm product ideas, and map out an MVP plan. It’s a no-strings-attached session to help you navigate the web3 landscape.

“Working with Zestif is like having a tech team in your back pocket. They get blockchain, they get business, and they deliver. Zestif is flexible, dedicated, and they’re all about helping clients succeed.”

Nick van der Meij

Nick van der Meij