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EventCHI: Revolutionizing event experiences with Blockchain, NFC, and AI technologies


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EventCHI is a comprehensive solution in the field of event management, providing a smooth experience for attendees and optimizing the work of all involved parties. This solution leverages the power of blockchain technology, NFC, and artificial intelligence (AI) to connect events and attendees, increase revenue, and optimize the event organization process.

EventCHI provides a payment platform that connects and analyzes intelligent data, allowing users to explore events, purchase tickets, transfer tickets, and pay for services at events in a flexible and convenient manner. The EventCHI ecosystem consists of three components: a mobile payment wallet application for event attendees, a POS billing application on Android tablets with an NFC scanner for sales staff at events, and web-based management software for event organizers to manage and operate events effectively.

With a mission to provide an excellent experience for attendees and maximize benefits for all parties involved, EventCHI continuously improves and develops its solution, while expanding its market and partners in the event industry.


In the field of event organization, managing and operating activities effectively, as well as enhancing the experience of attendees, is a complex and challenging task. Particularly, integrating and applying technology into the event organization process requires a flexible, user-friendly solution that can meet the increasingly diverse needs of users. In addition, ensuring information security and transparency in financial transactions is a significant challenge.

EventCHI is tasked with building a payment solution and access control that meets these requirements, while also harnessing the power of blockchain technology, NFC, and AI to optimize the event organization process and enhance the experience of attendees. For our team, the biggest challenge is designing and building a synchronized application ecosystem across multiple platforms, easy to use for both end-users and related parties, while ensuring security and transparency in transactions.


To solve the above problems and challenges, our team designed and built the EventCHI solution with the goal of creating the smoothest possible user experience, while maximizing the potential of technology.

The EventCHI solution includes:

  1. A mobile application for both iOS and Android, helping attendees learn about, purchase and transfer event tickets, as well as pay for services at events using contactless NFC technology.
  2. An Android tablet application, equipped with an NFC scanner, helping event staff sell products and services to attendees.
  3. Web-based management dashboard for event organizers and related partners to easily initiate and manage events, issue tickets, manage products, services, analyze data, profit-sharing models, manage staff, etc.
  4. Designing the EventCHI logo and brand.
  5. Designing and building the EventCHI website.

By combining advanced technologies such as blockchain, AI, and NFC, our team has built a software platform with a microservice architecture, using the MERN technology stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) to create a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. The solution is deployed on the Google Cloud Platform, with Kubernetes ensuring scalability and Kafka handling real-time data. In addition, the platform integrates Stripe for secure payment processing, combined with Stellar Horizon, a network based on blockchain technology, to ensure financial transactions are transparent and secure. This combination ensures the platform operates accurately, flexibly, and efficiently, providing the best experience for users on all devices.


Thanks to breakthrough technology and innovative design, the EventCHI software platform has helped the founders attract many investment rounds and is currently being applied in many exciting events globally. The combination of microservice architecture, MERN technology stack, React Native, Google Cloud Platform, Stripe, Kubernetes, Kafka, and Stellar Horizon provides scalability, flexibility, and high stability, making the platform a powerful tool for event organizers who want to provide the best experience for attendees.

Specifically, thanks to our solution, EventCHI has:

  1. Created a smooth and convenient user experience with a mobile payment application, POS billing on tablets, and web-based management software.
  2. Significantly reduced barriers in the ticket purchasing and payment process at events.
  3. Optimized event management and helped organizers and partners grasp all important information about their business operations.
  4. Built an impressive and recognizable EventCHI brand.

With the results achieved from the EventCHI project, we are proud to have created an advanced and effective solution for the event industry, while affirming our company’s capabilities and reputation in the field of technology application development.

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